The Third Edition of the Cork Online Law Review was launched in March 2004 by Ms Emily Reilly, Ombudsman and Information Commissioner.


Alan Woods – Adding Another Glass Block to the Barrier of Transparency: The Media and the Freedom of Information Acts


Thomas Wren – The United States of Europe – What Do We Have to Gain?


Patrick McCarthy – Making the Most of International Law on the Right to Identity: An Analysis of Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child


Ciara Kennefick – ‘L’Etat C’est Moi,’ Maintenant C’est Quoi? The Powers of the Parliament of the Fifth Republic: Theory and Practice


Illan Wall – The Aspirational Nature of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: An Examination of an Unsound Case


Colmán P. Ó Donnchadha – Witness Intimidation: Criminal Justice in Crisis?


Mairead Enright – ‘Mature Minors’ and the Medical Law


Rory McIntyre-O’Brien – Slipping Through the Net: Hacking Offences in Ireland


Ciara Kennedy – Domestic Violence: How We Answer Their Cries For Help


Yvonne Marie Daly – The Changing Irish Approach to Questions of Criminal Justice: Media Portrayal, Moral Panic and Myopic Politics


Lesley A. Walter – Law as Literature: Illuminating the Over Constitutional Consistency


Diarmuid Griffin – The Juvenile Conundrum: Ireland’s Responses to Youth Offending


David McCarthy – Constitutional Constraints on the Judiciary and the President


Míchéal O’Dowd – Data Protection – An Overview

Edition III

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