The First Edition of the Cork Online Law Review was launched in March 2002 by the Chief Justice Mr Ronan Keane.

Helena Hickey –  Children’s Legal Rights in the Republic of Ireland – Real or Apparent?

Justin McCarthy – Consumer Protection in Contemporary Electronic Payment Systems: A Familiar Wolf in Digital Clothing?

Lisa Vaughan – Money Talks! Should the Law Dictate?

Kate McQuinn – Natural Law, Unnaturally Explained?

Conor O’Mahony – The Failings of Practical Reasonableness: Another Look at Finnis

Iseult Cronin – Who’s Minding Your Business?: E-mail Privacy in the Workplace

Caitriona McCarthy – The Veil of Islam: The Use of Reservations as a Hypocritical Escape Hatch

Edel O’Herlihy – An Overview of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Domestic Violence Act, 1996

John Ringrose – Neither Forgiven nor Forgotten: The Penal Effects of Bankruptcy Law

Fiona Buckley – One Murder, Three Victims: James Bulger, Robert Thompson, Jon Venables

Edition I

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