The Eleventh Edition was launched on the evening of the 13th of March 2012 in the University College Cork Staff Common Room by Ms Fionnula Mulcahy, Letters Editor of The Irish Times newspaper. Her remarks included words of commendation for COLR’s newest initiative, the Legal Letters to the Editor section of Included in the Eleventh Edition is a forward from Dr Fiona Donson of the Faculty of Law, University College Cork.


The Medal for Best Language Submission for this Edition was awarded to Dr Verena Klappstein for her article ‘Leben und Arbeit der Frauen im Nationalsozialismus’ [2012] COLR 12.


The Medal for Best Overall Submission for the Eleventh Edition was awarded to Mr Donnacha O’Sullivan for his article ‘A Critical Analysis of the Protection of Families Under the Irish Constitution of 1937’ [2012] COLR 1.


The Edition is available to view and download here.


Donnacha O’Sullivan - A Critical Analysis of the Protection of Families Under the Irish Constitution of 1937 [2012] COLR 1

Dr Verena Klappstein - Leben und Arbeit der Frauen im Nationalsozialismus [2012] COLR 12

Mário Bil’o - Justice for the King: The Independence of the Judiciary from Governmental Officials in Ireland and China [2012] COLR 31

Rebecca West - A Comparative Analysis of the Sentencing Process in Cases of Murder in Ireland, England and Wales [2012] COLR 39

Maria Alejandra Calle - Environmental Concerns and Trade Disputes: An Overview from the GATT and the WTO Dispute Settlement System [2012] COLR 48

Neil Patton - Personal Injury Reform: Eight Years On [2012] COLR 65

Hugh J McCarthy - Is Interrogational Torture Morally Justified Under Finnis’ Nine Requirements of Practical Reasonableness? [2012] COLR 77

Thomas Mahon - Justifying the Use of Previous Convictions as an Aggravating Factor at Sentencing [2012] COLR 85

Solène Guggisberg - The European Court of Human Rights: A Constitutional Court Endangering States’ Sovereignty? [2012] COLR 98

Ian Bailey - Fair or Foul? The European Arrest Warrant ‘Justice sans Frontier’: An Instrument of Use Open to Abuse

[2012] COLR 107

Edition XI

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