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Edition XVI

Edition XIV

The Fourteenth Edition of the Cork Online Law Review was launched on Thursday 26th March 2015 in University College Cork by Ms Claire Loftus, the Director of Public Prosecutions in Ireland. Included in the Fourteenth Edition is a foreword written by Ms Loftus.

The Gold Medal for Best Overall Article was awarded to Rachel O’Sullivan for her article:  The Patient’s Duties to others: Limitations to the Principle of Autonomy in Healthcare Decision Making.

The Gold Medal for Best UCC Article was awarded to Cillian Bracken for his article: O’Flynn v Carbon Finance Ltd: Comtemporary Developments for Examinership Law in Ireland. Click here.


 The Gold Medal for Best Letter to the Editor was awarded to Orla Kelleher for her letter: Freedom of Expression: At Gunpoint?

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