Editorial Board of the Nineteenth Edition of the Cork Online Law Review 2019/20


  • Editor-In-Chief - Sinéad Walsh, BCL (Clinical) IV

  • Deputy Editor - Evan Mc Garry, BCL (Law and Business) II

  • Languages Editor - Katie McCarthy, BCL (Law and French) II

  • Letters Editor - Garry O'Sullivan, BCL (Law and Business) IV

  • House Style Editor - Jessica Leahy, BCL (Clinical) IV

  • Liam O'Driscoll, BCL (International) IV

  • Ailbhe Sutton, BCL (Clinical) IV

  • Seán Layzell, BCL III

  • Alannah Humphreys BCL III

  • Denis Clancy, BCL (Law and Business) II

  • Caoimhe Ryan, BCL (Law and Business) II

  • Juliette Hanley, BCL (Clinical) II

  • Michael O'Donovan, BCL (Clinical) II

  • Gloria Cardoza, BCL (Law Pathways) I

  • Jack Kenny, BCL (Law and Business) I

  • Margaret O'Brien, BCL (Law Pathways) I 



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