Editorial Board of the Twentieth Edition of the Cork Online Law Review 2020/21

Senior Officers

Editor-in-Chief - Denis Clancy, BCL (Law and Business) III

Deputy Editor-in-Chief - Elisha Carey, BCL (International) IV

Languages & Case Notes Editor - Katie McCarthy, BCL (Law and French) III

Blogs Editor - Jack Kenny, BCL (Law and Business) II

House Style Editor - Caoimhe Ryan, BCL (Law and Business) III

IT Officer - Evan Mc Garry, BCL (Law and Business) III

Public Relations Officer - Juliette Hanley, BCL (Clinical) III

General Board Members

Alannah Humphreys BCL III

Michael O'Donovan, BCL (Clinical) III

Gloria Cardoza, BCL (Law Pathways) II

Margaret O'Brien, BCL (Law Pathways) II

Jessica Leahy, LLM

Diandra Ní Bhuachalla, LLB II

Sarahjane Ó'Shea, BCL (Clinical) IV

Jack Whitney, BCL (Clinical) III

Ben Williamson, BCL (Law Pathways) II

Ruairi McIntyre, BCL (Law Pathways) II

Natalie Cardiff, BCL (Law and French) I