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Edition XXI - 2022

The Gold Medal for Best Overall Article was awarded to Giovanni Chiarini. The Gold Medal for Best Article by an Undergraduate Student was awarded to Peter Murphy. The Gold Medal for Best Non-English Article was awarded to Francisco Hernández Fernández.



1 Giovanni Chiarini, 'Ecocide: From the Vietnam War to International Criminal Jurisdiction? Procedural Issues In-Between Environmental Science, Climate Change, and Law' [2022] 21 COLR 1


2 Peter Murphy, 'Banking Union and the Risk-Control Nexus: A Guiding Star' [2022] 21 COLR 35


3 Ciara Barbara O’Rourke., 'Image-Based Sexual Abuse Content and How to Delete It - From the E-Commerce Directive to the Digital Services Act' [2022] 21 COLR 47


4 Francisco Hernández Fernández, '‘L’interprétation Évolutive De La Convention Européenne Des Droits De L’homme: La Cour De Strasbourg Comme Chercheuse Des Valeurs Communs” [2022] 21 COLR 79


5 Dr Elise Lefeuvre, 'Le Cas De Dublin: Leçons De La Gestion De La Crise Financiere De 2008 En Irlande Pour La Resolution Bancaire Européenne' [2022] 21 COLR 94


6 Niall Prior, 'The Need to Employ Disability as a Compass in the Drafting of Safeguards Surrounding Legislation for Assisted Suicide' [2022] 21 COLR 109


7 Margot Donzé, 'The Rockall Fishing Dispute Between the United Kingdom and Ireland: Assessment of Claims in Light of International Law' [2022] 21 COLR 121


Case Note

1 Eoin Jackson, 'Google and Alphabet v Commission (Google Shopping) - Shopping For a New Ex-Ante Approach?' [2022] 21 COLR 142

[You can view the full XXI Edition here]


The Gold Medal for Best Overall Article was awarded to Niamh O’Leary McNeice. The Gold Medal for Best Article by a University College Cork Student was awarded to Eoin Doyle. The Gold Medal for Best Non-English Article was awarded to Cliodhna Buckley.


1 Niamh O’Leary McNeice, 'Pregnant Women as a ‘Vulnerable’ Population in the New EU Clinical Trials Regulation: Does This Classification Adequately Consider the Harms Associated with the Exclusion of Pregnant Women from Clinical Research?' [2021] 20 COLR 1


2 Shane O’Hanlon, 'The Straw That Broke the Dragon’s Back: A Critical Analysis of the EU Regulation on the Screening of Foreign Direct Investments. How Will the Regulation Influence Chinese FDI In Europe And Does A Regulatory Alternative Exist Within EU Competition Law?' [2021] 20 COLR 27

3 Eoin Doyle, 'High Frequency Trading: A Critical Analysis of MIFID II – A Return to The Fundamentals?' [2021] 20 COLR 56

4 Philip Crowe, '‘Gee, Let’s Go To War’. L’Irlande, le Conseil de Sécurité de L’Organisation des Nations Unies, et les Pouvoirs du Chapitre VII: Est-ce que la Réforme Légale ou Politique est Possible?” [2020] 20 COLR 69

5 Cliodhna Buckley, 'L’Obligation Positive de L’État de Protéger les Droits de L’Énfant Selon la CEDH: Une Analyse Juridique de L’Affaire Sabatier [2020]' [2021] 20 COLR 87


6 Emma Young, 'Charity or Justice? How A Teleological Interpretation of the ECHR Supports Judicial Intervention in Article 3 Destitution Cases' [2021] 20 COLR 101

Case Note

1 Gearóid Smiddy, 'O’Doherty & Anor v Minister for Health & Ors [2020] IEHC 209' [2021] 20 COLR 112

[You can view the full XX Edition here]

Edition XX - 2021

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