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Edition XIX

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Julie McNamara, 'The Role of Market Exclusivity in Incentivising Research and Development of Orphan Medicinal Products in Europe: A Critical Analysis' [2020] 19 COLR 1 2 Kate Frisby, 'The Case for Legal Interventionism – The Guiding Light of the Court of Justice in the EU Rule of Law Crises: A Study of the Approaches of the Court of Justice and the Commission of the European Union in Responding to Rule of Law Backsliding in the Republic of Poland' [2020] 19 COLR 19 3 Ruadhán Ó Gráda, 'Irish Defamation Law and the Jury: A Behavioural Economic Perspective' [2020] 19 COLR 49 4 Ciara Woulfe, 'An Mithid Duinn an Truicear a Tharraingt ar Airteagal 8.3 de Bhunreacht na hÉireann 1937?” [2020] 19 COLR 67 5 Campbell Whyte, 'Une Étude Comparative de la Gestation Pour Autrui en Europe' [2020] 19 COLR 80 Letter to the Editor 1 MacKenzie F Common, 'From Execution Videos to Cats of Mujahdeen: How do Social Media Companies Regulate Terrorist Content?' [2020] 19COLR 96

Edition XVIII

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Juliana Gleeson “The Duty of Confidentiality and Genetic Information: Who Has a Right to Know? A Response to ABC v St George's Healthcare NHS Trust & Ors [2017] EWCA CIV 33” [2019] 18 COLR 1 2 Diarmuid O'Leary “Un Ourse Cannelle et un Cuisinier Pauvre: Une Courbe d'Apprentissage pour L’État de Nécessité en Droit Irlandais” [2019] 18 COLR 21 3 Anna Carroll “The Magdalene Laundries: An Ongoing Human Rights Violation” [2019] 18 COLR 38 4 Cormac T Hickey “Teanga an Dlí in Éirinn 1166-2019: Athruithe agus Úsáid ” [2019] 18 COLR 63 5 Honor Tuohy “How Accessing Information Enables Women’s Equitable Participation in Public Affairs” [2019] 18 COLR 73 6 Cormac T Hickey "Le Dopage dans le Sport: Une Comparaison Franco-Irlandaise des Chemins Législatifs en ce Domaine" [2019] 18 COLR 84 7 Niamh O'Brien "The Right to Die: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide from a European Perspective" [2019] 18 COLR 96 Letter to the Editor 1 Cillian Bracken "Jury Trial Reform: Verdicts, Reasons and the Rule of Law" [2019] 18COLR 116

Edition XVII

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Cécile Genoud “International Crimes Committed on the Basis of Sexual Orientation: A Lack of Protection in the Rome Statute?” [2018] 17 COLR 1 2 Amy O'Halloran “Voluntary Environmental Agreements: A Regulatory Solution for Activities Involving Integrated Policy Concerns” [2018] 17 COLR 24 3 Paul Carey “Référendum Et Démocratie Au 21e Siècle : Une Remise En Cause” [2018] 17 COLR 47 4 Niall J O’ Connor “Ignoring the Presumption of Innocence: A Critical Analysis of Bail Law in Ireland” [2018] 17 COLR 66 5 Hajer Almanea “The League of Arab States: The Role of Regional Institutions in the Protection of Human Rights” [2018] 17 COLR 85 Letters to the Editor 1 Edoardo Celeste “Packingham v North Carolina: A Constitutional Right to Social” Media? [2018] 17 COLR 116 2 Cornelia-Adriana Baciu “Disputed Norms in International Security and the Changing Notion of Sovereignty: R2P and the Dilemma of Military Interventions” [2018] 17COLR 120

Edition XVI

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 John East “Constructing Justice: Fairness, Inclusiveness and Understanding” [2017] 16 COLR 1 2 Joseph Onele “Impact Benefit Agreements and the Protection of Indigenous People's Rights: Any New Lessons from Canada?” [2017] 16 COLR 27 3 Robert Shaw “Should International Arbitrators be Liable for Awards which are Subsequently Annuled or Held Unenforceable?” [2017] 16 COLR 41 4 Omotayo Akorede Samuel “Warrenty Terms in the UK Insurance Act 2015: Fit for Purpose or Business as Usual?” [2017] 16 COLR 53 5 Neil Murphy “A ‘Global’ Competition Law: The Best Way to Tackle Clashes between EU Law and the Law of Third Countries on the Application of their Respective Competition Laws?” [2017] 16 COLR 66 6 Máiréad Leen “The Repercussions of Concussion: A Call for Reform” [2017] COLR 87 7 Jeremie Maurice Bracka “‘An Ear for an Ear, not an Eye for an Eye’: Critiquing the ICC for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” [2017] 16 COLR 98 8 Alan Cusack “Pre-Trial Cross-Examination for Vulnerable Witnesses: An Idea whose Time had Come” [2017] 16COLR 123

Edition XV

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Professor Ursula Kilkelly “The School of Law at UCC - Reflecting on Change and Opportunity” [2016] 15 COLR 10 2 Christopher Nealon “The Institution of Housing: Hanoch Dagan's Realist Theories of Property and Pubic Housing in Ireland.” [2016] 15 COLR 15 3 Bernard Long “Overhauling Conveyancing in Ireland: Is a Completely Electronic Process Feasible?” [2016] 15 COLR 26 4 Ciara Ní Longaigh “Through the Eyes of the Child: A Critical Analysis of Child Participation in Private Family Law Proceedings in Ireland.” [2016] 15 COLR 38 5 Gearóidín McEvoy “Languages in Domestic Courts - Realisable Right or Illusory Concept?” [2016] 15 COLR 60 6 Annemarie Shea “Mistaken Eyewitness Identification and Wrongful Conviction in the United States” [2016] 15 COLR 78 7 Paul Barry "Dlí na Peile: Staidéar ar Dlí Fostaíochta sa Pheil Proifisiúnta" [2016] 15 COLR 97 8 Cormac Hickey "Measúnú ar Thodhchaí an Dlí ar Ghinmhilleadh in Éirinn" [2016] 15 COLR 108" Letters to the Editor 9 Emily Hancox "The Rule of Law in Europe" [2016] 15 COLR 117

Edition XIV

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Dr Fiona Donson "‘Inquiring, Recording and Reporting’: Can the Banking Inquiry Deliver Practical Reforms of Oireachtas Oversight of Government" [2015] 14 COLR 1 2 Rachel O’Sullivan "The Patient’s Duties to others: Limitations to the Principle of Autonomy in Healthcare Decision Making" [2015] 14 COLR 7 3 Kevin Healy "The Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Bill 2013: A step in the right direction but does it go far enough?" [2015] 14 COLR 22 4 Samantha Long "The basis of concern about the ‘Sexting’: Gendered Assumptions about the harm Sexualisation causes to the young" [2015] 14 COLR 36 5 Samantha Long "The relevance of Sovereignty in contemporary times: The postmodern conception of Sovereignty and Pringle" [2015] 14 COLR 50 6 Cillian Bracken "O’Flynn v Carbon Finance Ltd: Comtemporary Developments for Examinership Law in Ireland" [2015] 14 COLR 61 7 Aaron Sheehan "Restriction, Disqualification and the Companies Act 2014: A Reformatory Analysis" [2015] 14 COLR 78 8 Andrea Heck "Europarechtliches Gebot einer richtlinienkonformen Auslegung nationalen Rechts und deren verfassungsrechtliche Grenzen" [2015] 14 COLR 118 9 Orla Kelleher "Freedom of Expression: At Gunpoint?" [2015] 14 COLR 150

Edition XIII

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Amy Dunne "Irish Competition (Amendment) Act 2012: Strengthening Competition Law Enforcement in Ireland" [2014] 13 COLR 1 2 Anton Moiseienko "Voluntary Compliance and Obligatory Monitoring: Making Corporate Codes of Conduct Work" [2014] 13 COLR 25 3 Peter Dunne "The Gender Recognition Bill 2013: Hidden Gatekeeper Requirements" [2014] 13 COLR 49 4 Annie Nevala "The Notion of a Clean Break: A Comparative Analysis of Post-Dissolution Financial Ties in Ireland and Sweden" [2014] 13 COLR 59 5 Robert Noonan "The Ontology of the Subject of Rights: Postmodern Perspectives on the Irish Constitution through a Case Study On the Right to Free Speech" 13 [2014] COLR 71 6 Chelsea Shar "Law as Adjudication: Against a Backdrop of Traditional Legal Objectivity, is there Space for the Subjective?" [2014] 13 COLR 97 7 Simon Cawte "Public Protection and Sentencing Offenders Proportionately: Should there be a Premium on Dangerousness" [2014] 13 COLR 119 8 Perry Swanson "Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 Reshaping the Future of Free Speech in the United Kingdom: The Rise of a Tyranny" [2014] 13 COLR 14 9 Keith Winters "An Analysis of the Newbridge Credit Union Takeover: What Comes Next for Ireland’s Credit Unions?" [2014] 13 COLR 155

Edition XII

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Stephen Daly "The CJEU’s Approach to Matters of Direct Taxation: A Critical Analysis" [2013] 12 COLR 1 2 Olivia Carpenter "Illegality, Resulting Trusts and Twin Presumptions: Antiquated Law Meets Modern Society" [2013] 12 COLR 19 3 Stephen Kirwan "Encouraging the Development of Prisoner Re-Integration in Irish Penal Policy: Financing Social Re-Integration Alternatives" [2013] 12 COLR 37 4 Anthony O’ Dwyer "The ‘Droit de Suite’, An Analysis Across Two Jurisdictions: Cross Fertilisation Towards Inclusivity" [2013] 12 COLR 59 5 Nicholas Liddane "Abandoned To Principle: An Overview of the Law on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in the UK and Ireland, and the Case for Reform" [2013] 12 COLR 79 6 Gary Moloney "Airteagal 40.3.3: Gan Reachtaíocht, Gan Réasúin" [2013] 12 COLR 105 7 John Lombard "The Inaugural Gold Medal for Best Letter Submission 2013: The Need for Guidelines in Special Palliative Care" [2013] 12 COLR 115

Edition XI

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Donnacha O’Sullivan "A Critical Analysis of the Protection of Families Under the Irish Constitution of 1937" [2012] 11 COLR 1 2 Dr Verena Klappstein "Leben und Arbeit der Frauen im Nationalsozialismus [2012] 11 COLR 12 3 Mário Bil’o "Justice for the King: The Independence of the Judiciary from Governmental Officials in Ireland and China" [2012] 11 COLR 31 4 Rebecca West "A Comparative Analysis of the Sentencing Process in Cases of Murder in Ireland, England and Wales" [2012] 11 COLR 39 5 Maria Alejandra Calle "Environmental Concerns and Trade Disputes: An Overview from the GATT and the WTO Dispute Settlement System" [2012] 11 COLR 48 6 Neil Patton "Personal Injury Reform: Eight Years On" [2012] 11 COLR 65 7 Hugh J McCarthy "Is Interrogational Torture Morally Justified Under Finnis’ Nine Requirements of Practical Reasonableness?" [2012] 11 COLR 77 8 Thomas Mahon "Justifying the Use of Previous Convictions as an Aggravating Factor at Sentencing" [2012] 11 COLR 85 9 Solène Guggisberg "The European Court of Human Rights: A Constitutional Court Endangering States’ Sovereignty?" [2012] 11 COLR 98 10 Ian Bailey "Fair or Foul? The European Arrest Warrant ‘Justice sans Frontier’: An Instrument of Use Open to Abuse" [2012] 11 COLR 107

Edition XX

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Niamh O’Leary McNeice, 'Pregnant Women as a ‘Vulnerable’ Population in the New EU Clinical Trials Regulation: Does This Classification Adequately Consider the Harms Associated with the Exclusion of Pregnant Women from Clinical Research?' [2021] 20 COLR 1 2 Shane O’Hanlon, 'The Straw That Broke the Dragon’s Back: A Critical Analysis of the EU Regulation on the Screening of Foreign Direct Investments. How Will the Regulation Influence Chinese FDI In Europe And Does A Regulatory Alternative Exist Within EU Competition Law?' [2021] 20 COLR 27 3 Eoin Doyle, 'High Frequency Trading: A Critical Analysis of MIFID II – A Return to The Fundamentals?' [2021] 20 COLR 56 4 Philip Crowe, '‘Gee, Let’s Go To War’. L’Irlande, le Conseil de Sécurité de L’Organisation des Nations Unies, et les Pouvoirs du Chapitre VII: Est-ce que la Réforme Légale ou Politique est Possible?” [2020] 20 COLR 69 5 Cliodhna Buckley, 'L’Obligation Positive de L’État de Protéger les Droits de L’Énfant Selon la CEDH: Une Analyse Juridique de L’Affaire Sabatier [2020]' [2021] 20 COLR 87 6 Emma Young, 'Charity or Justice? How A Teleological Interpretation of the ECHR Supports Judicial Intervention in Article 3 Destitution Cases' [2021] 20 COLR 101 Case Note 1 Gearóid Smiddy, 'O’Doherty & Anor v Minister for Health & Ors [2020] IEHC 209' [2021] 20 COLR 112

Edition X

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Professor David Gwynn Morgan "Parliamentary Inquiries: The Context of the Joint Oireachtas Committee’s Proposals" [2011] 10 COLR 1 2 Barry Hennessy "Iniúcadh ar Dhlíthe na Coinbhleachta Armtha i dTaobh cé acu a Maolaíodh Brúidiúlacht an Chogaidh nó Nach Maolaíodh" [2011] 10 COLR 22 3 Sarah Taheny "La Loi sur la Dissimulation du Visage: La Fin de Débat Juridique?" [2011] 10 COLR 31 4 Jolene Quinn "The Management Company Passport: A New Era of Cross Border UCITS" [2011] 10 COLR 44 5 Robert Kearns "To Follow an Asian Tiger or an American Eagle – Comparative Analysis of Trade Union Recognition in Ireland, Singapore and the United States of America" [2011] 10 COLR 56 6 Sophie Rushton "Corruption and Development: The International Anti-Corruption Movement and Anti-Corruptionism in India" [2011] 10 COLR 69 7 Rebecca West "Case Comment: Whelan and Lynch v The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform" [2011] 10 COLR 86 8 Garret Sammon "Law, Literature and the Importance of Narrative to the Legal Education" [2011] 10 COLR 94 9 Donncha Conway "A Comparative Analysis of Freedom of Association, Trade Unions and Labour Rights in Ireland and China" [2011] 10COLR 106

Edition IX

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Henry Rossouw "Alternatives to Traditional Sentencing Methods – The Efficacy and Constitutionality of Periodic Imprisonment in South Africa" [2010] 9 COLR 1 2 John Barry "The Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act 2009: An Examination of the Compatibility of the New Act with Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights" [2010] 9 COLR 17. 3 Anthanasia Hadjigeorgiou "Balancing Conflicting Interests During Pregnancy: Ultrasound v Reality" [2010] 9 COLR 33 4 Brian O’Reilly "In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity: Religious Anachronisms and the Need for a Secular Constitution" [2010] 9 COLR 47 5 Jennifer Hourihane "'The Perfect Storm' – Impact and Assessment of the Proposed Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive" [2010] 9 COLR 61 6 Glen Wright "Designing Climate Change Law: A Comparative Analysis of the US and the EU" [2010] 9 COLR 78 7 Niamh O’Sullivan "Scientific Uncertainty and the Precautionary Principle" [2010] 9 COLR 106 8 Donna Lyons "Limiting the Potential for Bystander Apathy: On the Introduction of a Duty to Rescue in International Law" [2010] 9 COLR 118 9 Anthanasia Hadjigeorgiou "Rethinking the Mechanisms for Judgment Compliance in the Council of Europe and Eliminating the ‘Legal/Political Gap’" [2010] 9 COLR 128

Edition VIII

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Marie-Claire Rush "The Deficiencies of International Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts of a ‘Mixed’ Character – Towards a Single Law of Armed Conflict?" [2009] 8 COLR 2 Rachel Kemp "The International Criminal Court: Good Intentions, Bad Foundations; State Cooperation and Obstacles in Securing Arrests and Prosecutions for International Crimes: A Case Study" [2009] 8 COLR 3 Joan Donnelly "The Impact of EU Membership on Ireland’s Sovereignty Over its Airspace and the Implications for Government Regulation of the Irish Air Industry" [2009] 8 COLR 4 Elaine Dewhurst "Access to Justice and the Impact of Delay on Migrant Workers in Ireland" [2009] 8 COLR 5 John Cronin "Punishment in Modern Day Ireland" [2009] 8 COLR 6 Siobhan Drislane "As I Stand Before You: The Emergence and Existence of Individual Justice" [2009] 8 COLR

Edition VII

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Darragh K Connell "The Final Whistle For International Football?" [2008] 7 COLR 1 2 Eoin Daly "Hermeneutic Perspectives on Judicial Activism: Dworkin, Constitutional Interpretation and Judicial Law-Making" [2008] 7 COLR 16 3 Eoin Daly "Religious Discrimination Under The Irish Constitution: A Critique of the Supreme Court Jurisprudence" [2008] 7 COLR 28 4 Paul Flynn "Law and Human Rights: Building a Complimentary Relationship in Humanitarian Intervention" [2008] 7 COLR 45 5 Louise Kennefick "What the Doctor Ordered: Revisiting the Relationship Between Psychiatry and the Law in the UK and Ireland" [2008] 7 COLR 58 6 Ciarán Lawlor "Troubling Times: Intertemporal Law & Theories of Approach to the Effects of Unconstitutionality" [2008] 7 COLR 71 7 Éamon Mac Créabháin "Teoiric na gCeart Neamhshonraithe" [2008] 7 COLR 85 8 Ronan O’Leary "Copyright Law in the Digital Environment" [2008] 7 COLR 92 9 Gary O’Sullivan "The Pre-Charge Stage of the Criminal Process: Are the Rights of the Public Adequately Protected?" [2008] 7 COLR 100 10 Evan Ryan "A Critical Analysis of the Many Manifestations of the Criminal Justice System and the Principles that Underline the Current Irish System" [2008] 7 COLR 112 11 Gerard Sadlier "American Realism and the ‘Policy of Certainty’: An Evaluation of Salomon v Salomon" [2008] 7 COLR 122

Edition VI

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Ms Carol Coulter "Foreword" [2007] 6 COLR 2 Anthony Finegan "Problems with Causation in Asbestos-Related Injury Litigation" [2007] 6 COLR 1 3 Eilionóir Flynn "Access to Services for People with Disabilities – The Potential for Improved Enforcement Rights through a Personal Advocacy Service" [2007] 6 COLR 14 4 Eleanor Leane "The Principles of Juvenile Justice No Longer Apply When Children Commit Serious or Violent Crimes" [2007] 6 COLR 24 5 Tom Flynn "Copyright Law in a Digital Age" [2007] 6 COLR 36 6 Paul Daly "Losing Faith: The House of Lords and the Governement" [2007] 6 COLR 45 7 Olufemi Amao "Reflexive Law and the CSR Debate" [2007] 6 COLR 55 8 Gerard Sadlier "The ECHR – A Victim of its Own Success?" [2007] 6 COLR 65 9 Michelle Buddecke "‘Qui facit per alium, facit per se – The Evolution of the Commercial Agent’" [2007] 6 COLR 86 10 Shannon Haynes "‘The Statutory Rape Crisis: A Judgment Too Far, Or One That Could Have Gone Further?’" [2007] 6 COLR 99 11 Juan Pablo Cortés Diéguez "Adapting Irish Small Claims Procedure for the E-Commerce Era" [2007] 6 COLR 108 12 Stephanie Switzer "Falling Down: Unilateral Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights – A Critical Analysis of the United States’ Efforts to Impose Trips Plus Standards" [2007] 6 COLR 121 13 Brendan Ryan "Jus ad Bellum in Response to Non-State Aggression – State Responsibility and the Israel-Hezbollah Conflict" [2007] 6 COLR 138 14 Ronan O’Brien "Analysis of the Postal Rule" [2007] 6 COLR 152

Edition V

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Mrs Justice Catherine McGuinness "Foreword" [2006] 5 COLR 2 Mr Justice Paul Carney "The Central Criminal Court: The Limerick Experience" [2006] 5 COLR 3 John Danaher "The Illusion of Legality? Post-WWII Military Tribunals in the Far East" [2006] 5 COLR 1 4 Michael Cocoman "Film Censorship: Cut!" [2006] 5 COLR 14 5 Aoife Lynch "Around the World in 80 Days: From the Altar to the Courtroom" [2006] 5 COLR 23 6 David Cowhey "Racist Hate Speech Law in Ireland: The Need for Reform" [2006] 5 COLR 34 7 Art Ward "A Lifeline for Consideration?" [2006] 5 COLR 46 8 Ciara Kennefick "A Natural Interpretation of the Alien Tort Statute 1789" [2006] 5 COLR 50 9 Leonora Nyhan "Bringing it Home: The Plight of Migratory Same-Sex Couples" [2006] 5 COLR 61 10 Kieran Walsh "‘You’re Either with Us or Against Us’ – Viewing Torture in Context" [2006] 5 COLR 68 11 Karole Cuddihy "Competition, Not Competitors: Reappraising the Question of Market Power Under Article 82 EC" [2006] 5 COLR 80 12 Noel McGrath "A Tale of Two Judgments: Third-Party Undue Influence and the Path to Reform in Ireland" [2006] 5 COLR 99 13 Cian Murphy "The Parliament Without a People: Examining Questions of Legitimacy in the Context of the European Parliament" [2006] 5 COLR 113 14 Adrian Bannon "The UDRP: A Stunning Success or a Spectacular Failure?" [2006] 5 COLR 125 15 Joe McGrath "Excluding Exclusions in Contract Law: Judicial Reluctance to Enforce Exclusion Clauses" [2006] 5 COLR 137

Edition IV

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Lisa Kinsella "Whistle While You Work" [2005] 4 COLR 2 Alan Woods "We Know What You Did Last Summer!" [2005] 4 COLR 3 Gemma Neylon "The Application of Data Protection Law to the Employment Sector" [2005] 4 COLR 4 Geraldine Cleere "The Urgency for Legal Regulation of Practices of Cloning and Stem Cell Research" [2005] 4 COLR 5 Richard P. McNamara "‘Let’s Talk’: The Need for Effective Communication Between Doctor and Patient" [2005] 4 COLR 6 Kieran Walsh "Privacy’s New Paradigm: The Rise and Reform of the In Camera Rule" [2005] 4 COLR 7 Caren Bohane "The Official Languages Act 2003" [2005] 4 COLR 8 Karen Ní Bhuacháin "Acht na dTeangacha Oifigiúla 2003" [2005] 4 COLR 9 Carol Fitzgerald & Leonard Durac "Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater?: A Critical Appraisal of the Companies (Auditing and Accounting) Act 2003" [2005] 4 COLR 10 Liam Thornton "Discretion and Law in the British and Irish Social Welfare Systems" [2005] 4 COLR 11 Therese Lyne "Finding a Place for Juveniles in the Irish Criminal Justice System: Easy Question, Impossible Answer!" [2005] 4 COLR 12 Roberta Guiry "A Voice for Victims: The Development of the Role of the Victim in the Irish Criminal Justice System" [2005] 4 COLR 13 Dorothy Appelbe "The Theory of Justification and Excuse and its Implications for the Battered Woman" [2005] 4 COLR

Edition III

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Alan Woods "Adding Another Glass Block to the Barrier of Transparency: The Media and the Freedom of Information Acts" [2004] 3 COLR 1 2 T homas Wren "The United States of Europe – What Do We Have to Gain?" [2004] 3 COLR 15 3 Patrick McCarthy "Making the Most of International Law on the Right to Identity: An Analysis of Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child" [2004] 3 COLR 40 4 Ciara Kennefick "‘L’Etat C’est Moi,’ Maintenant C’est Quoi? The Powers of the Parliament of the Fifth Republic: Theory and Practice" [2004] 3 COLR 63 5 Illan Wall "The Aspirational Nature of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: An Examination of an Unsound Case" [2004] 3 COLR 74 6 Colmán P. Ó Donnchadha "Witness Intimidation: Criminal Justice in Crisis?" [2004] 3 COLR 91 7 Máiréad Enright "‘Mature Minors’ and the Medical Law" [2004] 3 COLR 111 8 Rory McIntyre-O’Brien "Slipping Through the Net: Hacking Offences in Ireland" [2004] 3 COLR 126 9 Ciara Kennedy "Domestic Violence: How We Answer Their Cries For Help" [2004] 3 COLR 143 10 Yvonne Marie Daly "The Changing Irish Approach to Questions of Criminal Justice: Media Portrayal, Moral Panic and Myopic Politics" [2004] 3 COLR 160 11 Lesley A. Walter "Law as Literature: Illuminating the Over Constitutional Consistency" [2004] 3 COLR 183 12 Diarmuid Griffin "The Juvenile Conundrum: Ireland’s Responses to Youth Offending" [2004] 3 COLR 207 13 David McCarthy "Constitutional Constraints on the Judiciary and the President" [2004] 3 COLR 217 14 Míchéal O’Dowd "Data Protection – An Overview" [2004] 3 COLR 227

Edition II

Click here to view the full edition. Articles 1 Gerard Murphy "The Admissibility of Repressed Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse" [2003] 2 COLR 1 2 Anthony O’Riordan "Are You Exhausted? The Rights of Trademark Holders within the EU" [2003] 2 COLR 15 3 Emma McClean "Economic Sanctions: Rethought Entirely?" [2003] 2 COLR 41 4 Claire McHugh "Has Curiosity Killed the Cat? The Powers and Functions of Ireland’s Tribunals of Inquiry" [2003] 2 COLR 56 5 Eleanora Taylor "Irish Banking Codes of Practice" [2003] 2 COLR 68 6 Ross Phillips "Is There a Need For a Statute-Based Code of Practice to Govern All Financial Institutions?" [2003] 2 COLR 80 7 Ian Walsh "Between Scylla and Charybdis: The Supreme Court and the Regulation of Information Bill (1995)" [2003] 2 COLR 92 8 Eoghan McSweeny "The Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention: A Double Standard?" [2003] 2 COLR 100 9 Killian Kehoe "The Whole Picture – Gramscian Epistemology through the Praxis Prism" [2003] 2 COLR 118 10 Vicky Conway "Lock ’em up and Throw Away the Key: Examining the Irish Prison System" [2003] 2 COLR 135 11 Mairead Britton "Undertakings: A Satisfactory Safeguard to Grave Risk?" [2003] 2 COLR 151 12 Illan Wall "The Welfare Principle; A Useful Though Controversial Test For Guardianshup, Custody and Access?" [2003] 2 COLR 161 13 Máiread Cronin "An Analysis of the Irish Data Protection Law in Relation to the Protection of Privacy in the Online Environment" [2003] 2 COLR 177 14 Jane Mulcahy "Protecting Your Trademark: Who Owns Online?" [2003] 2 COLR 187

Edition I

Articles The First Edition of the Cork Online Law Review was launched in March 2002 by the Chief Justice Mr Ronan Keane. 1 Helena Hickey "Children’s Legal Rights in the Republic of Ireland – Real or Apparent?" [2002] 1 COLR 2 Justin McCarthy "Consumer Protection in Contemporary Electronic Payment Systems: A Familiar Wolf in Digital Clothing?" [2002] 1 COLR 3 Lisa Vaughan "Money Talks! Should the Law Dictate?" [2002] 1 COLR 4 Kate McQuinn "Natural Law, Unnaturally Explained?" [2002] 1 COLR 5 Conor O’Mahony "The Failings of Practical Reasonableness: Another Look at Finnis" [2002] 1 COLR 6 Iseult Cronin "Who’s Minding Your Business?: E-mail Privacy in the Workplace" [2002] 1 COLR 7 Caitriona McCarthy "The Veil of Islam: The Use of Reservations as a Hypocritical Escape Hatch" [2002] 1 COLR 8 Edel O’Herlihy "An Overview of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Domestic Violence Act, 1996" [2002] 1 COLR 9 John Ringrose "Neither Forgiven nor Forgotten: The Penal Effects of Bankruptcy Law" [2002] 1 COLR 10 Fiona Buckley "One Murder, Three Victims: James Bulger, Robert Thompson, Jon Venables" [2002] 1 COLR