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Edition XVI

Edition XV

The Fifteenth Edition of the Cork Online Law Review was launched on Tuesday 15th March 2016 in University College Cork by Emeritus Professor of Law, William Binchy. Included in the Fifteenth Edition is a foreword written by Professor Binchy. 


The Gold Medal for Best Overall Article was awarded to Christopher Nealon for his article: “The Institution of Housing: Hanoch Dagan's Realist Theories of Property and Pubic Housing in Ireland.”


The Gold Medal for Best Non-English Article was awarded to Paul Barry for his article: “Dlí na Peile: Staidéar ar Dlí Fostaíochta sa Pheil Proifisiúnta.”


The Gold Medal for Best Letter to the Editor was awarded to Emily Hancox for her letter: “The Rule of Law in Europe.”

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